Supermodel Kendall Jenner's Los Angeles Home, California

The house in the Mediterranean style of the supermodel Kendall Jenner

Interior design by Clements Design & Waldo Fernandez    Photography by William Abranowicz 

Kendall Jenner, the highest-paid fashion model in the world and "fashion icon of the decade"
 according to Daily Front Row, showed off her new home in Los Angeles and landed on the
 cover of Architectural Digest's September issue. Kendall Jenner: "My life is a lot of chaos,
 flights and nerves, so I wanted a house where I felt carefree, so I could just relax and 
rest." She was immediately impressed by the country-like calm atmosphere of the
 California house in the traditional Spanish colonial style.

The housewife's home improvement plans were implemented by the designer 
Waldo Fernandez, Kathlyn & Tommy Clements (Clements Design), who noted that
 the 24-year-old model surprised them with her good taste. Waldo Fernandez : "I know
 a lot of people who have traveled a lot and seen a lot, but have worn absolutely nothing.
 Kendall is completely different. She's confident and receptive to anything that resonates
 with her."  Kathlyn  Clements : "Being who she is, we thought  Kendall would go for
 something luxurious and glamorous.  We were all just blown away to discover that
 she has a taste beyond her years."  Tommy  Clements : "Her taste was amazing - it
 turned out to be more sophisticated and subtle than the entire  Kardashian family. 
The mood with which she worked with us was completely ordinary and practical."

The living room, perhaps, best reflects the inclination of the young hostess to warm,
 organic textures, natural tones and comfortable furniture. A classic Spanish fireplace 
and two wide sofas with many pillows made of vintage textiles invite you to relax 
and socialize with friends and family. Kendall Jenner : "I'm not a big party 
person. I like to light the fireplace and candles, put on some music,
 and watch NBA games with my friends."

The hostess worked on the interiors not only with designers, but also consulted with 
relatives. Mother and older sisters suggested how to properly equip the kitchen and
 bathroom. Kendall Jenner : "This house has inspired me to spend more time in the
 kitchen. I'm always there trying to improve my cooking skills. Today I'm already
 a good cook. Mom shared her experience and admitted that the house is
 always  a  work  in  progress..."

In contrast to the muted palette of furniture and decoration, Jenner's modern art
collection features bright works by modern artists  Barbara Kruger,  Richard Prince, 
Raymond Pettibon, and Tracey Emin. Her sister Kim Kardashian's husband, the famous
 rapper Kanye West, who, in addition to music, has a good understanding of modern 
art and design and was on the list of nominees for the  Beazley  Design  of  the  Year
 award, initiated by the  London Design Museum,  helped in the selection of works.
 Although Kendall Jenner admits that she is still new to the world of contemporary 
art, designer Waldo Fernandez said that she did not "go" for names, but "chose 
works that are meaningful to her, things that she has a visceral reaction to."

Kendall Jenner made several structural changes to the existing architecture and layout -
 for example, two of the five bedrooms were reformatted into a dressing room and dressing
 room. The home cinema of the former owners became an artistic workshop-studio. This
 studio has become a calming refuge for the hostess from chronic anxiety and panic
 attacks,  caused by a stressful professional life in the harsh world of fashion
 business and frequent harassment by the paparazzi.


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