Black House in the Woods, US by Kireeva

 A modern house for lovers of minimalism and unity with nature

Principal architect : Kireeva Anna 
Design & Render  @  Kireeva Anna 

"Black House in the Woods" is a conceptual project of a modern single-family house,
 which "grew" from the first "on the table" project of a young Ukrainian designer and
 visualizer  Anna  Kireeva.  The first images were the designer's first attempt at
 visualizing exteriors. Then the test images began to turn into a project for
 a two-level modern house for connoisseurs of minimalism.

"Black House in the Woods" is located on a plot among coniferous trees.
 Directly from the living room there is access to the terrace with a large swimming pool.
 Black is the main color in the project. It goes well with green and orange, the colors
 that  have  become  accents  in  the  project.

The main idea of the project is to bring people closer to nature.
 The idea is realized by using natural colors and natural materials.
 The main thing is the connection with nature. Through the panoramic
 windows you can admire beautiful view of the forest, and if you go to
 the  balcony  or  terrace,  you  will  smell  it ...  

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