Chic Duplex Apartment in Paris by Rosko Family Design

Apartment in Paris : ukrainian design

Duplex Parisian apartment of 240 square meters for a small French family, where
 the owners'  love for contemporary art is closely intertwined with a tribute to family
 traditions. An antique rarity, which is an old tapestry, passed down from generation
 to generation, formed the basis of the composition of the living room and became 
a key  element  of  the  interior. The deep dark color of the walls was chosen to
 create  an  intimate atmosphere of the house,  and the concrete  wall in the 
dining  room became a good basis for the hand-painted floral mural with
 peony buds. Interior design with non-trivial modern solutions of the 
Kyiv  studio  Rosko Family Design

Photoc by Rosko Family Design

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